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Work-Life Balance

When Dr. Yvonne Ide isn't working and providing house-call chiropractic visits, she is spending her free time volunteering and spending time with her son Mason. While being involved with the North Elementary PTO, Scouts BSA Young Professionals Board, and Cub Scouts she always finds time to spend with Mason. Showing her son first hand at giving back to the community and volunteering is helping build a strong foundation for him and any of the other kids she encounters.

Last year Yvonne and Mason were introduced to the world of Cubs Scouts and have loved every moment of it. Yvonne jumped right in and started going to committee meetings and became a Den Leader for her son and other kids in his age group. Enriching the lives of these little ones has been so rewarding to her. So when you don't see her providing chiropractic care to women and kids, you can find her with her son or volunteering her time to her community. It's all about work-life balance.

We'd love to hear your story and how you balance work and life outside of work.

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Photo by Shiva Smyth from Pexels

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