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70 Hours Outdoors

Yesterday, with 70 days left until the end of the year, Dr. Yvonne Ide decided to challenge herself to spend 70 hours outdoors. It sounds easy but as the temperature drops, the storms roll in, and did we mention the temperature dropping? It's all too easy to stay in the comfort of the indoors instead of enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.

Whether it's walking the dog, playing out by the basketball hoop with her son, taking a bike ride, or hiking on a trail, any sort of outdoor activity counts. Yes, trick or treating on Halloween counts! It's not about going from the car to the grocery store or standing outside waiting for her son's school bus to pull up. It's about being active and being outdoors.

The goal isn't necessarily to go outside for one hour each day for the next 70 days. Icky weather happens and we know that. The goal is to take each day as they come and if there's an opportunity to enjoy it outdoors, then that is what she'll do.

If you want to join her for a doggy day or a hike, the company is appreciated. Or if you want to do your own challenge let us know so we can support you as well! Keep us updated and we'll keep you updated through social media.

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House-call chiropractor, outdoors and on the move

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