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Table Talk at The Yoga House Westport

On October 28th, Dr. Yvonne Ide of Ideal Chiropractic Club was given the wonderful opportunity to be spotlighted during The Yoga House's monthly Table Talk. It's a potluck style, informative, conversational type of gathering. If you haven't been to one yet I highly encourage you to check it out as every month is a new topic of conversation, a chance to engage with others, and offers the opportunity to learn something new.

The night's food spread was amazing with warm comforting soup, delicious cheesy bread, and wonderful desert to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. As the night progressed the conversation was continually flowing and shifting with each question as everyone present was engaged and eager to learn more about chiropractic, its applications, and benefits. We were having such a good time and were so wrapped up in conversation, that we chatted passed the allotted time for the night's gathering. With a belly of home-cooked goodness and posture tips that can be applied in their everyday life, everyone went home informed and more connected to each other.

Ideal Chiropractic Club and The Yoga House
Ideal Chiropractic Club and The Yoga House

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