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Pediatric Chiropractic

Babies have their first stressful experience during the labor process. This stress may be subtle but has the potential to cause spinal misalignments, or what chiropractors call subluxations, which set the stage to future issues if left unaddressed.


We encourage every newborn to be checked for subluxations by a specialized chiropractor. An aligned spine provides the most optimal opportunity for better brain-to-body communication which is extremely important during child development!


Main reasons parents seek chiropractic care for their children are to help with colic, reflux, ear infections, bowel issues, bedwetting, torticollis, asymmetrical crawling/walking, scoliosis, delayed milestones, strengthening the immune system, and improving posture.

Pediatric Chiropractic May Help With:

Baby Crawling

Developmental Milestones

About Me


Dr. Yvonne Ide has been specifically trained in pediatric chiropractic through additional education from the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. She loves caring for children with the utmost gentle care. 

Dr. Yvonne Ide takes her time to listen to her patient's healthcare needs and loves providing the convenience of house-calls. She takes a holistic approach to patient care, looking at the whole picture of a person's health. She utilizes very gentle and specific chiropractic techniques such a Webster, Diversified, SOT, and Craniosacral Therapy. Allowing her the ability to provide care that is specific and tailored to each individual's needs. Learn more about Dr. Yvonne Ide.

Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, ICPA,  Pathways Connect, and One SouthCoast Chamber.

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House-call Pediatric Chiropractic

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